The Difference is Love.
St. Patrick's Home
for the Aged and Infirm
"To clasp the hand of an elderly person and give meaning to the autumn of life." Mother Mary Angeline Teresa, O. Carm

The Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm was founded by Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Mother Angeline Teresa sought to respond to the needs of the American elderly in a home-like environment.  The Congregation was founded during the time of the Great Depression, a difficult time for all, especially the aged.


On September 3, 1929, Mother Angeline Teresa and her 6 companions founded a new Congregation.  The Archbishop of New York, Patrick Cardinal Hayes, recommended that the Sisters be affiliated to an already established religious order. By August of 1931, the Sisters were affiliated with the Carmelite Order.

Saint Patrick’s Home, the first permanent foundation of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, has been providing loving care to the elderly since 1931.


After a brief time, it became evident that the newly formed Congregation needed a permanent home. The former R.C.A. building, in the Bronx, was found to be suitable for residents after modifications were made.  Thus, Saint Patrick’s Home was born.  In the words of Mother Angeline, a home for the aging “…should strive to satisfy the physical, social and spiritual needs of each resident.”*


Following the tradition of Mother Mary Angeline, a new modern facility was opened in 1989.  The new building allowed for the expansion of programs and services to meet the changing needs of the elderly.


For over 80 years, many have come to call Saint Patrick’s Home their home.  The same spirit of loving dedicated care continues to inspire and direct the actions of the sisters, staff, and volunteers.

The Difference is Love.


* Mother M. Bernadette de Lourdes, O. Carm; (1984); Woman of Faith, Foundress Mother M. Angeline Teresa, O. Carm; (p. 254); USA.


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