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“I worked in the nursing field for most of my life and I had the opportunity to work in many different health care settings. When I came here I was amazed at the care that is provided. What impressed me the most is the staff and how they treat everyone with respect and dignity. In my opinion, in health care the way people are treated is number one. Despite your needs or disabilities everyone at St. Patrick’s is treated like a human being. All of the staff I have encountered from top to bottom have been great to me. The cleanliness is also very impressive. I often tell people you could eat off the floor, this place is immaculate.” Mr. Waldron W. (resident for nearly 3 years)
“I have only been here for several months but I love everyone here. When I first came, I thought I would go home when I felt better, but everyone was so nice I decided to stay. This is a special place. The staff go above and beyond the call of duty. Even in the middle of the night, the staff are wonderful. I feel like I have known these people for years. I have made lots of friends. The Recreation programs are fantastic. Every day there is something to do.
I knew several people who were here throughout the years and always knew that it was a wonderful place. I would recommend St. Patrick’s to anyone who needs care.”
Catherine W.
“Both my mother and grandmother were residents at St. Patrick’s Home for many years. The care provided by the nurses, CNAs, and therapists was truly outstanding and they always felt loved and well cared for. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere of St. Patrick’s made them feel right at home. There was always plenty to do, from daily mass to the recreational activities and the beauty salon. Both my mother and grandmother enjoyed living here and I found comfort in knowing that they were happy and well cared for.” Kathy W.
“Your parents are your first love in your life. On God’s earth, their guidance, love and faith is the reason you exist and makes you who you are today. You can only hope you become half the person they are. When they reach a turning point in their lives, when help is needed, you struggle with the question of how to provide both physical and mental support. It is, without question, one of the hardest decisions in your life. St. Patrick’s Nursing Home healed my mom socially, physically and mentally. Thanks to nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, recreation, housekeeping and especially the compassionate women she wakes up to in the morning as well as those who tuck her in at night. They are truly her extended family and I respect and thank God for them every day.” Ann Marie C.
“I greatly appreciate the care and compassion shown to my parents during their stay at St. Patrick’s Home. It is a place where everyone knows your name. Residents and visitors alike are greeted warmly by all who come in contact with them. The celebrations, daily activities, the musical sing-a-longs and daily Mass and Communion add so much to everyone’s day. My Dad at 101 still enjoys talking and joking with the 6th floor staff and they genuinely enjoy him. That is a wonderful blessing. If it is in giving that we receive then the staff at St. Patrick’s will receive in great abundance.” Ann M. (relative)